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King TC

I’ve always had a love for music since I was young. My dad was a DJ and drummer when I was little for a little bit. A friend of mine Bingo from middle school who is a rapper inspired me to begin writing and recording songs. I began recording and writing songs my freshman year of high school.

     In 2018 I was signed to So Lost Entertainment LLC – Adam Fugate’s label. From there Adam started getting shows lined up for me and I began getting songs ready to be recorded and released. Adam set me up with a show on February 2, 2019 at the Alrosa Villa, and since then I have had multiple shows with various underground artist and even Caskey.

      I released my first song on February 16th 2019 on Sound Cloud and it brought in 12.9 K plays since. On April 1st, 2019, I released a 5 song EP titled “Why Not Me” on Sound Cloud. Since then I have released various other songs with features from DTooDope, Bevo, Rich Regal, and MoneyFaceBoog.

    In early to mid 2019 I signed to Rich Regals label White Trash MoFo. Rich is now my manager and since I’ve signed with him he has set me up shows after shows. I have my own studio so I record my own songs and offer studio sessions in my free time. I enjoy recording songs and making beats. I have been working on writing more songs and thinking of ideas for music videos. Everything I’m doing now is helping build my music career to where I want it to be and making all my dreams come true, but I couldn’t do it without my manager, family and friends.  I have a lot of good things in store that I’m positive that the fans will love.

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